Leaky Sync started off as a boutique music licensing collective for artist, label and publisher rightsholders. We’re now looking forward to announcing a new partnership that will change the business model as we move forward in 2019. Stay tuned!


Leaky Sync is mainly comprised of indie music for one-stop representation, while having exclusive rights to pitch a ‘Legacy Catalog’ representing works from Lee ‘Scratch” Perry to Tito Puente.


For close to a decade, our team has cleared many types of music and song use licenses, from sample clearances to sync licenses. Once we know what song or type of music a licensee is looking to clear, our first goal is to obtain a formal music clearance quote from the publisher, and in some cases the owner of the master recording (usually the record label). There are a handful of factors in obtaining specific clearance rights, which may include some, if not all of the following factors:

>type of media required
> term
> territory
> number of units
> unit price
> step deals
> bumps
> options or rollovers
> corporate policy of the licensor
> length of usage
> type of usage
> profit or non-profit status
> project budget
> type of project and subject matter
> other compositions/recordings within the project
> multiple publishers
> samples
> copyright renewal and/or ownership issues
> popularity and licensing history of the song or recording
> current artist management restrictions and guidelines

If there’s a song or type of music you’re interested in clearing, please contact us via email, contact form or at the 24/7 Song Request Line and someone will be in touch with you.


Leaky Sync focuses on providing quality music (not quantity) in order to facilitate a smooth licensing experience for licensees. We’re very selective on who and what we bring into the collective. All artists, musicians, songwriters, composers, producers and remixers we have agreements with own or control 100% of their master recording and music publishing rights.

While in our beta stage, our ‘Search’ button conducts basic search results for licensees looking for a specific mood, gender, genre, sub-genre, similar artist, key instrument, or lyrical targeted words/phrases in a particular song which populate blog posts listed from most recent. Each blog post will contain a brief description of the track, curated set or entire album, featuring a music player our music video. We promise this feature will be more robust once we launch our user interface.

If there’s a song you’re interested in licensing, please contact us via email, contact form or at the 24/7 Song Request Line and we’ll email it out to you right away.