Discovery Boost

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For close to two decades now, the team behind Leaky Sync has established a successful track record in marketing and promoting new music releases and back catalogs, with a deep understanding of how revenue streams are generated from digital, mechanical and performance royalties.

Working within the major label and indie artist/label/publisher sectors, our team’s industry experience and the relations we have built continue to grow within a wide range of media outlets that aid in music campaign solutions. It was with this knowledge Leaky Sync created the Discovery Boost program to help exploit songs within the collective.

Currently, the Discovery Boost program provides Asset Delivery & Registration, Direct Licensing Coordination, Programming & Editorial Servicing, and will be introducing a Playlist Collective very soon, all available to rights holders (artists, labels, management, publishers) within the Leaky Sync collective as a whole. Discovery Boost exploits songs and music videos to Media Targets which cover background music companies, cable TV, digital media/editorial sites, Internet radio, music discovery apps, streaming music playlists, satellite and terrestrial radio. The more media targets that rights holders receive from features and/or programming, the stronger the chances are that music discovery in their favor will gain momentum. In turn, we hope the fan base will grow and artist digital download/streaming sales, performances, publishing and writer’s share royalties will boost.

Initially, Leaky Sync asks rights holders a handful of questions about their current release in order to determine which media targets are best fitted for their Discovery Boost campaign. Rights holders may also request additional editorial, radio adds or music video programming (for example), where Leaky Sync digs deeper in our Rolodex to present additional media targets for consideration. Once both parties understand which media targets would be most beneficial for their campaign, that meets their budget, Leaky Sync will email a service agreement to review over terms, conditions and media target opt-in list. A Discovery Boost campaign can be broken down in phases to meet any allocated budget, and typically can run anywhere from 4-12 weeks.

Rates vary per media target, all depending on whether small Coordination & Delivery Fees are applied where rights holders would pay prior to the start of service. Upon each Fully Executed Service, where digital assets have been ingested, featured or programmed, Leaky Sync will invoice rights holders on the 1st and/or 3rd Monday of each month.

NOTE: Labels and publishers who are looking to exploit their catalog, we offer batch exploitation services under a reasonable monthly retainer. Feel free to contact us for more details.