Dreamtime Palace

Leaky Sync has begun to create imprint labels to support releases and collaborative projects by artists, DJs and producers within the collective. To debut, we’ve launched DREAMTIME PALACE back in July of 2017, with a focus on pushing melodic songs.

We’re striving to build a solid roster, containing the sounds of creamy+dreamy bedroom-pop, dreampop, electro-pop, future, indie-pop, lofi, shoegaze, surf and rhythmic-pop; reaching into the secondary genres of alternative, dance, electronic, indie rock, hip-hop and soul.

In the Summer of 2018, we’ll be announcing a sister imprint, as we team up with legendary electronic dance music DJ/producer, George Acosta. Under this partnership, Acosta will be selectively remixing current Dreamtime Palace singles for us to market, distribute and license.

At Dreamtime Palace, we have an amazing split with one of the world’s leading digital distributors, The Orchard (Sony) that was grandfathered in from an original deal with IODA just over a decade ago. This split frees up a higher percentage of net royalties than most major digital distribution offers, and in return, allows us to collect a higher share of royalties for rights owners.

With a solid 20+ years of experience in releasing music, we provide marketing resources for each release, reaching out to Background Music, Digital Service Provider (DSP), Internet + Satellite Radio, and independent Playlister relations.

Label website coming soon! In the meantime, here’s a few singles to mellow out to: