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LEAKY SYNC is a boutique music licensing collective consisting of recording artists, musicians, producers, and labels + publishers, representing contemporary + legacy music for sync rights. Creatively, LEAKY SYNC plays an A&R or executive producer role, by teaming-up creators within the collective to craft new sync-friendly works; whether it be a cover, new song, remix or rework.

Available to the collective, Leaky Sync Distro provides global digital distribution with direct licensing & promo support focused on establishing music discovery for back catalogs, collabs, and upcoming releases.

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a collaborative collective

Leaky Sync has early conversations with certain artists on how they feel about being introduced to other creators we'd recommend for a potential collab and/or co-write, with the goal for artists to record sync-friendly covers or original songs, and even a remix or rework.

If artists resonate, they decide on how they want to move forward. From there, Leaky Sync can then get involved in an A&R or executive producer role from the artists’ own recording, mixing & mastering process. Upon final mix, Leaky Sync then discusses the distribution and promotion plans that go into scheduling for release.

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distro x promo support

Leaky Sync has been listening to rightsowners, from back catalog owners to new release projects, wishing their distributor could provide more promotion for their releases (outside of the general social media marketing / promo tools.)

With a record label and marketing services background, it made sense for our parent company, Circulate Music to find a solution for the collective as a whole. In doing so, Leaky Sync Distro x Promo was established as a global white label distribution service, with user-friendly features. This allows Leaky Sync to focus more time and resources locating music discovery opportunities that centers in on forming a roadmap that leads to a more diversified royalty stream.

With a team history on releasing well over 250+ titles to date, Leaky Sync has the skill set to present both back catalog and new releases to a variety of media relations.

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next up, song exploitation

Leaky Sync parent company, Circulate Music recently formed its publishing arm, Circulate Artists Publishing to help rightsowners within the collective with their administration and song exploitation needs.

On the admin side, we’ll be announcing the global administrator we’ve partnered with to aid in registering works, while collecting outstanding and future royalties with multiple agencies, collection societies, music rights entities, and companies where a direct deal license is available for publishers.

This will give Circulate Artists Publishing the time and resources to begin to license, pitch, promote, and exploit works across the globe, where publishing royalties are available to help diversify music rights monetization in more territories.

Stay tuned...

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featured collab

Leaky Sync has connected the Sound Ambassador himself, DJ Drez with the legacy catalog owners at Musicom that’s granted Drez with an all-access pass to pre-cleared master sound recordings & music publishing rights of music performed by true legends across the planet.

Released under new imprint, Playful Structure, Drez will be sampling, remixing, and reworking classic songs that span over four decades, by the likes of Calypso Rose, Celia Cruz, Gregory Isaacs, Khaled, Manu Dibango, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, The Skatalites, Ravi Shankar, Tito Puente and Youssou N'Dour.

We’re thrilled to be working on this gratifying project which explores many influential cultures, sonically around the globe.

dj drez

dj drez


1.12.24 /// Gregory Isaacs ~ If I Don’t Have You’

3.8.24 /// The Skatalites ~ Love Me Forever

4.19.24 /// Sly & Robbie ~ Ras Steppers

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featured case study

The music supervision team for the Netflix hit series, Ginny & Georgia reached out to Leaky Sync after discovering this perfect song on our Disco account, for the show’s season two finale, as the character Ginny, is seen to wear the color yellow quite a bit.

In fact, the song they liked was titled ‘Yellow’ by Ghanian born / Phoenix, AZ based, Afrobeat / R&B artist, Sam Opoku. The song was licensed to distribute and market under Leaky Sync’s parent company, Circulate Music at the time of the sync placement.

Leaky Sync created an infographic to shine some light on how Sam’s sync for 'Yellow' was impacted once the show became a top 10 Netflix Series, Ginny & Georgia quickly helped boost Sam's song streaming numbers & increased music discovery via Shazam. The song has now reached over 1M streams on Spotify.

::: See Infographic here :::

sync success

((( decade x legacy artists )))

Aïyb Dieng

Anthony B

Bally Sagoo

Badar Ali Khan

Beenie Man

Beres Hammond

Bharat Nepali Party

Bill Laswell (Death Cube K)

Buddhist Monks of Maitri Vihar

Buju Banton

Calypso Rose


Celia Cruz

Cheb Khaled

Cheba Fadela


Dennis Brown

Derrick Morgan

Desmond Riley

Dip Tse Chong Ling Monastery

Don Drummond and The Skatalites

Dr. John

Earnest Wilson

Everton Blender

Foday Musa Suso

Gene Clarke

Gentra Pasundan

Gregorian Chant

Gregory Isaacs

Ilê Aiyê

Johnny Moore & The Skatalites


Lata Mangeshkar

Lee 'Scratch' Perry (the Upsetters)

Marc Anthony

Manu Dibango

Monty Morris

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Prince Buster and The Maytals

Ravi Shankar

Rolland Alphonso and The Skatalites

Roy Orbison

Ruben Blades

Sam Fan Thomas


Sekaa Gong Bina

Singing Melody


Sly & Robbie

Spragga Benz

Sugar Minott

Suara Parahiangan

The Gaylettes

The Golden Palominos

The Last Poets

The Mighty Diamonds

The Pioneers

The Pyramids

The Skatalites

Tina Turner

Tito Puente

Toots and The Maytals

Wayne Wonder

Xavier Quijas Yxayotl

((( labels x publishers )))

Blue Canoe Records

{ jazz }

Interra Music Publishing

{ latin ~ reggae ~ world }

Geomagnetic Records

{ electronic }

Krab Traks

{ electro ~ pop }

Musicom Inc.

{ decade latin ~ reggae ~ world }

World Records UK

{ 90's rnb ~ reggae }

tune in

playlists via

::: cover x remix :::

Both playlists feature music from the legacy catalogs we rep for easy clearance. Songs have been hand selected for the collective to have an opportunity to cover, sample, remix or rework upon approval. Stems can be pulled using the LALAL.AI app.

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::: new adds x favs :::

The Monthly Refresh playlist features a handful of newly onboarded rightsowners, while the Eclectic 33 Mix features a variety of music from decades, genres + moods highlighting favs from our sync rep team & most listened to songs by music sups on our disco channels.

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submit x terms


For sync rep consideration, Leaky Sync primarily looks for lyrical songs with catchy hooks. Here's what we require to fully onboard new rightsowners:

  • One-stops where rightsowners control both sides of the master sound recording & song publishing rights.
  • Full transparent credits & metadata will need to be supplied, including Song Lyrics.
  • Download link to Well Recorded, High Quality and Mastered AIIF's (are prefered) or WAV files downloadable, preferably via
  • Files need to be saved in the standard "Artist Name - Track Title" format.
  • Instrumentals & Stems, including great Cover Songs are highly desirable, too.


DISCO Credit

Referral Link!

Agreement Type: non-exclusive sync rep agreement

Term: one year rolling term

Exit Strategy: opt-out anytime after 30-day notice

Direct License Split: 65/35 in favor of rightsowners

3rd Party License Split: 80/20 in favor of rightsowners

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a&r program

Leaky Sync is reconnecting with artist and industry relations who still have access to or are active in the creator space, who continue to make a positive impact in their music communities.

We envision Sound x Culture A&R Reps introducing creative rightsowners (artists, bands, DJs, producers, remixers) to Leaky Sync who are creating sync-friendly music for Leaky Sync to potentially represent certain songs.


Commission Icon

For all creative rightsowners referred by an A&R rep that Leaky Sync does sign, the rep will earn the following commission points from said rightsowners‘ earnings:

  • 10% from the Next Sync Fee that Leaky Sync places.
  • 3-5% from Digital Distribution Royalties (performance based)

All commissions come from the top of Leaky Sync's NET earnings, after rightsowners have been paid.

A&R Reps will send referral links for rightsowners to sign-up to for Global Distro, allowing reps to track earnings for each release via their own account.

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